Dear Resident.

First of all, we would like to say a massive thank you to all the volunteers who came forward in the last 36 hours. Amazingly, nearly a third of our households volunteered to help in some way so far, and more keep coming in.

This means we can immediately move to the next phase of our community support plan, which is to launch and communicate our network. We are now distributing cards to every house, with the details of the scheme, the contact numbers and some key precautions to remember. This is in a handy format, which you can pin to your noticeboard for easy reference at a time of need. Each part of the hamlets has two local volunteers who have agreed to act as first contacts, which will be on the cards you receive.

We will be monitoring the situation closely in the coming weeks, and will respond accordingly if the scheme needs to be amended in order to stay relevant with the developing situation.

We are also aware that numerous local and regional schemes offering different kinds of help will be established in the coming days, including a Risborough-based scheme which will be communicated in the next edition of Crosstalk. We believe there can never be too much help, and that the more local the help is, the better. To avoid any confusion, all matters related to the WCRA Scheme will be clearly labelled as the WCRA Coronavirus Volunteer Network.

Please find below a copy of the information which will be on the printed cards, and all 6 contact numbers for the three areas in the hamlets.



How we can help

  • Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like

  • Help with ordering or collecting groceries

  • Help with collecting prescriptions or general medicines

  • Posting mail

  • Walking a dog

  • Someone to call you every day to check in

  • Someone to talk to

  • Anything else!

How to contact us

Two of our volunteers have agreed to take calls from your part of the hamlets. If you are sending a message, please leave us your name, phone number and house name/address.

If you live in Whiteleaf or Cadsden then you should have recieved a leaflet through your door with your contact details. If not please email and they should be able to give you a contact number.


Remember – in an emergency please call the emergency services. Although we will try and get back to you quickly, do not delay in seeking emergency help from professionals if required!

How it works

Once we receive your message, we will find a volunteer who is available to help, and let you know who they are so you know who to expect. They will then contact you.


If your request involves visiting your home, we’ve asked volunteers to ensure they (or members of their household) do not have any coronavirus symptoms before helping you. We’ll aim to maintain a distance in order to minimise risk to you. Please inform us if you have any symptoms consistent with the coronavirus, such as a persistent cough or high fever. Lastly, please make sure that the person contacting you is the person who you were told to expect - please call Kate Symons on 01844 345970 if you are in any doubt about the identity of anyone calling you as we want everyone to stay as vigilant as normal through this period.





Your WCRA Committee