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A little bit about RARA and what we do

560 Members

Across 6 Civil Parishes

RARA are a community-led, non-party political organisation that works with local government and other organisations on behalf of local residents.

RARA is a campaigning organisation that seeks to ensure that our members’ interests are promoted and protected. RARA seeks to ensure that members’ interests are promoted and protected and that local and national government take the views of local residents and other community stakeholders into consideration when making decisions about the area’s future.

All of our members live in the Risborough Area, which is defined as the six civil parishes of Bledlow-cum-Saunderton, Lacey Green, Princes Risborough, Longwick-cum-Ilmer, Great and Little Kimble cum Marsh and Ellesborough.

RARA was formed in 1988 to represent residents objecting to plans for 1,500 houses and a bypass on green fields between Park Mill and Mill Lane, in Monks Risborough. It’s depressing to find ourselves in a similar situation, some 25 years later.


Help us Fight the Local Plan

Wycombe District Council’s current plan to build more than 3,000 new houses in the Risborough Area will destroy our small market town forever and leave a lasting and negative impact on nearby local communities and villages. Let’s Rescue Risborough, and fight for a better future before it’s too late

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