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New Unitary Authority

As we know, the soon to be extinct, Wycombe District Council has voted to adopt its Local Plan which means, over the next 15 years, circa 2,600 new homes are to be built in the Risborough area.

From May next year, we wait to see the effect the new Unitary Authority for Bucks may have on the Local Plan. It is RARA’s aim to influence this new authority to revise the Plan to reflect the government’s principles of building the ‘right homes in the right places’, and to let common sense prevail to reduce the scale of what is planned for Risborough.

We want to see this larger and strategically minded new authority addressing the significant deficiencies of this plan in Risborough including lack of public support, rapidly escalating costs of the £70M relief road and to use their wider understanding of need across the county to address key issues such as: the level of GP’s; lack of employment in the Risborough area; improving rail services and addressing smarter strategic road solutions. It is essential that the Local Plan better uses taxpayer’s money to plan strategically and responsibly.

To do this we need local representation which supports our views on the new Bucks Unitary Authority, and Councillors who will stand up for the views of the residents that elect them.

RARA is actively looking at ways to influence the new Unitary Authority and would welcome your views and suggestions.

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